A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{December 30, 2010}   The Freak by Carol Matas

Plot: Jade nearly dies and when she wakes up she can see auras. Not only that but she knows things about people that she shouldn’t and she can sometimes guess the future. She doesn’t want to believe in her powers at first but when some Neo-Nazis start targeting people in her community, her powers might be the only thing that can save a lot of people.

This was a quick read and philosophically interesting. Jade spends a lot of time trying to figure out how her powers fit into various religious traditions. But those are really the only things that the book has to commend it.

The writing is very heavy handed. Jade does not sound like a teenager and you do not care about her struggles. Jade spends the entire book trying to make herself believe that the powers aren’t real. But the reader doesn’t believe it because clearly she does have powers and her protestations merely become annoying. I found myself rolling my eyes a lot.

There are much better books about psychic powers on the market.


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