A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{December 27, 2010}   Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Plot: Will Grayson has two rules: “Don’t care too much” and “Shut up”. These rules are supposed to keep him from pain and trouble. Unfortunately his very large and very gay best friend Tiny follows neither of his rules and causes no little chaos in his life. Will Grayson is depressed. He has few friends and the only person he can be truly honest with is his internet boyfriend Isaac, who he may never meet. When the two Will Graysons meet by accident, their lives will be changed forever.

I have been wanting to read this book for about a year and I’m glad I finally sat down and read it today. It was an quick read and a lot of fun.

The chapters alternate between the two Will Graysons, each written by a different author. As a result they have very distinct voices and yet they complement each other quite well. The first Will is quite funny from the first line of the book. Tiny is larger than life, both literally and figuratively, and he gets Will into some ridiculous binds. The second Will is much darker and pessimistic but he’s funny in his own, sarcastic way. There is something very personal about his narration and you really grow to care about him.

For all the problems and the heart break, it’s ultimately an uplifting story about love (romantic and otherwise) and understanding yourself. The Wills’ problems are not all solved by the end but it is a happy, musical, ending filled with hope.

And as John Green puts it, the book is shiny. I love shiny things as much as my cat. 😉

I’m still not sure if I like that the second Will writes all in lower case, as though he’s IMing, but that’s a minor annoyance at worse.

It’s not a book trailer exactly, but below John Green presents the book and it’s rather amusing. Enjoy:


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