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{December 23, 2010}   Canadian YA reading challenge

There’s a little over a week left in the year and the internet is full to bursting with reading challenges. I’ve already joined 2011 Debut Challenge and the Out With a Bang Read-a-Thon and I plan to join several more before the year is up. Some of the ones on my list include the E-Book Challenge, the GLBT Reading Challenge, the YA Historical Fiction Challenge, the Quirky Brown Reading Challenge, the East and South East Asia Challenge, the Futuristic/Sci Fi Reading Challenge and the Into the Old World Reading Challenge (I’m not even going to bother with the Graphic Novel Challenge, I read at least 6 a week without trying). I might even pick up a few more along the way.

But what I did not find was a Canadian YA challenge.

We have some great YA authors here in Canada: Arthur Slade, Kenneth Oppel, Kelley Armstrong,  Lesley Livingston, Shane Peacock, Susan Juby, Charles de Lint, Cory Doctorow… I could go on and that’s without even getting into the authors who write in French. So my challenge is this: read at least 10 Canadian YA books in 2011. They can be new or old, in French or English, best sellers or virtually unknown. Bonus points for native authors (I lie, there are no points).

I might be the only one participating in this (and I hope to read far more than 10 novels) and that’s fine. But I’d love it if other people join in, if only so I can discover some new books. If you’d like to join me, leave a comment below. I’ll set up a page to list the books you’ve read and/or link to your reviews.

Good reading.


Gen says:

Tell you what, I’ll not only try to read at least 10 Canadian YA novels, I’ll try to make at least half of them books that you did not recommend/give to me/recommended someone else gave to me 🙂

I’ll try and post reviews somewhere…

roguelibrarian says:

Yay! There are at least two of us.

You can just post reviews on LibraryThing.

Hi Rogue – I stumbled upon your site when I was searching for librarian Deb Marshall’s OH (MG/YA) Canada! Reading Challenge.


So I guess great librarians think alike! 🙂

roguelibrarian says:

Thanks for the link!

Her challenge is much more organized than mine. 🙂

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