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{September 26, 2010}   The Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink

Plot: In 1890, Lia and Alice lose their father under bizarre circumstances. After his death a strange mark appears on Lia’s wrist and she discovers an old book with a single page written in Latin. The book speaks of a prophesy of twin sisters, sisters like Lia and Alice, one a gateway to allow fallen souls to enter this world and the other a guardian against this invasion. Lia fears the darkness she senses in her sister, she struggles with the knowledge that they must now be enemies. She must learn to use her new-found powers and to gather the keys so that she might prevent the coming apocalypse.

If you loved the Gemma Doyle series (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing) as I did, you will enjoy this book. It takes place during the same time period, though in America rather than England. It too concerns a mysterious power inherited from a dead mother and a group of teen-aged girls who come together to explore a power that could change the world. It lacks the forbidden romance that was an important aspect of Gemma’s tale but then it would be hard to match my love for Kartik. Lia does have a beau but she makes the conscious decision to put off romance until the crisis is resolved.

The lack of romance is not necessarily a problem. The mystery is more than enough to drive the story. The pacing is good; secrets unfold little by little as Lia and her friends delved into the Otherworld and into her parents’ pasts. Alice’s constant presence in the background, undermining Lia’s efforts, adds a level of tension to the narrative.

Lia reminds me a bit of Gemma: a good girl, trying to protect her family and do what is right but tempted by the powers in her control and stumbling into fatal mistakes. She is a good character and her friendship with Luisa and Sonia is nice though not yet fully developed. But I find Alice, what little we see of her, particularly interesting. It would have been easy to simply make her evil (and don’t get me wrong she does very bad things) but there are layers to her that I look forward to exploring.

The series continues in Guardian of the Gate, released in August 2010.


H.L.Fatnassi says:

Did you read Guardian of the Gates yet? I can’t remember. If not, I have it and have the third pre-ordered to ship when it comes out later this summer. You’re welcome to borrow the third once I’m finished with it. 🙂

roguelibrarian says:

Not yet, it’s sitting on my to-read mountain. ^_^

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