A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{September 24, 2010}   Glimpses by Lynn Flewelling

Plot: Glimpses is a series of short stories taking place in Lynn Flewelling’s Nightrunner universe. Each story covers a scene that was hinted at but not actually written in the novels themselves. We see how Seregil became Nysander’s apprentice, how he met Micum, how Alec’s parents met and finally Alec and Seregil’s first time.

Ok, so this wasn’t on my list of 40 books and I was already in the middle of The Prophesy of the Sisters when I bought it but I couldn’t resist the image of Seregil and Alec getting intimate. I admit it.

I wasn’t disappointed. The stories read a bit like fan fiction but well written fan fiction with characters that we recognize. The sex is tasteful, believable and actually moves the story forward. It’s not as heavy on the on the adventure as the novels (though there is some); these are much more intimate, sentimental stories. But that’s okay, because I love these characters and I love seeing them in love.

The stories do presume some knowledge of the series and a newcomer would not get as much out of them. It is however a must read for Nightrunner fans. My one complaint is that it was too short. I’ll pay for more stories in a heartbeat.

The stories are nicely illustrated by fans but, as I read the black and white ebook version (available from Smashwords, my favorite provider of ebooks), I probably didn’t get the full effect of them.

The book also contains a preview for the sixth Nightrunner novel (see my review of the fifth novel, The White Road), tentatively entitled The Summer Players. I hope you are all also looking forward to it.

Check out Flewelling’s website for more on her work.


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