A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{June 10, 2010}   The White Road by Lynn Flewelling

Plot: Alec and Seregil have escaped slavery and narrowly avoided death, again, but their troubles have just begun. Various factions are after Sebrahn, the mysterious child created from Alec’s blood, some in order to possess him and his healing gifts and others in order to remove him from the world. Alec is desperate to protect the child that he has come to love. But in order to ensure that no more creatures like Sebrahn can ever be created, Alec and Seregil must journey back into Plenimar, back to the house where they were slaves, and make the necessary information and all who know about it disappear.

This is the 5th volume in Flewelling’s long running Nightrunner series. This is a series that I have been following for a long time and reading a new one is always something comforting, like home cooking. Though it may not be the best or deepest writing that I have encountered (not to say that it is bad), it is fun and engaging. Each novel is an exciting adventure following a group of lovable rogues. This one is no different, though their adventuring is somewhat hampered by dragging around a small child. You could pick up the story from this volume without too much confusion but I don’t recommend it. Part of the pleasure in reading these books is meeting the characters again and seeing how they’ve grown.

One of the highlights of this series, for me at least, is the relationship between Alec and Seregil. Over the course of the series it grew from partnership to friendship to, finally, love. It was very refreshing (especially since, before I read Luck in the Shadows, I didn’t think I’d ever find romance between men portrayed prominently in a fantasy novel). I’m so tired of love at first sight; I enjoy watching people fall in love. But this is no torrid romance and that’s a good thing. Flewelling doesn’t end her romance on the “happily ever after”; they fell passionately in love, yes, but now they live that love day to day and I think that is more romantic than grand declarations. In this volume they deal with the effect Sebrahn has on their relationship. It isn’t an easy problem but I like how it was handled.

A fun read for fans of the series (though they’ve probably read it already by now).


[…] book also contains a preview for the sixth Nightrunner novel (see my review of the fifth novel, The White Road), tentatively entitled The Summer Players. I hope you are all also looking forward to […]

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