A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{January 22, 2010}   Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers

Plot: Parker used to be popular. She was a straight A student, captain of the cheer leading team, dating the most popular guy in school. Perfect. But then something went wrong. So wrong that she couldn’t fix it and it changed her for ever. Now she’s barely graduating and is doing a good job of alienating anyone who ever liked her. The more people try to help, the more she pushes them away. But the new kid, Jake, isn’t so easily discouraged. He likes her and he’s willing to take a lot of abuse in his quest to get close to her and to understand her.

Parker is not a likable character. She doesn’t want to be. But Summers does a good job of portraying her conflicted emotions, emotions that Parker herself doesn’t always understand. My main problem with the novel is that I don’t like stories that create suspense by withholding information that the first person narrator knows. Still, it was interesting and realistic and one scene in particular had me bawling my eyes out. It wasn’t my type of book but if it is, you’ll probably love it.


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