A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{January 13, 2010}   Little (Grrl) Lost by Charles de Lint

Plot: T.J. has been miserable since she and her family moved from the countryside to the suburbs. She had to leave behind her friends and her horse Red. She thinks that she’ll never make any friends, until she meets Elisabeth. Elisabeth is a Little, a girl six inches tall, but with more attitude than most Bigs. After she runs away from home, she becomes T.J.’s roommate. One day, while searching for information about Elisabeth’s people, they are separated. Each must survive an incredible series of event in order to find each other again. It will change their lives forever.

I love Charles de Lint so I was biased going in but this is a truly wonderful story. His characters have depth and layers and they will often surprise you; de Lint’s world is not black and white, there are no good and bad guys. He has developed his world and his mythology over several books and LGL benefits from the rich detail. But above all, I love T.J. and Elisabeth. They are very different, the one rebellious and stylish, the other in Elisabeth’s words a “goody-two-shoes”. But they aren’t stereotypes and they can’t be summed up so easily. Though their adventures are ultimately banal (though hardly to them!), their reactions and their unique perspectives on the world brings the story to life. And another romance that I can relate to.

Beside who can resist a punk fairy? Not me. ^_^


[…] I would be tired of fairy romances by now (just this year I’ve read Radiant Shadows, Tithe, Little (Grrl) Lost and that’s not counting last year’s reading or the ones still sitting on my shelf) but […]

H.L.Fatnassi says:

de Lint is consistently awesome and that is a wonderful cover! Never underestimate the power of a nice cover (case in point being the awful Melusine cover.)

roguelibrarian says:

He is and he has great tough little punk rock fairies. ^_^ (you can find this one in remaindered book bins if you’re interested.)

H.L.Fatnassi says:

Book bins, here I come!

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