A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{January 10, 2010}   Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Plot: Katsa is a graceling, a person gifted in an incredible skill and marked by mismatched eyes. But Katsa’s gift seems to be for violence and her uncle, the king, uses it to bully his people and other kingdoms. Katsa has greater ambitions, however; she strives to save the people from unjust monarchs rather than bully and hurt them. On one such secret missions she encounters Prince Po, another graceling, and they strike up an unlikely friendship.  Both become caught up in a far greater mystery that, in spite of their gifts, may cost them their lives.

This novel reminded me of Tamora Pierce at her best. Katsa is strong, complex and interesting. Her growing romance with  Po is real and touching and her adventures had me on the edge of my seat. I’m only sad that their adventures don’t continue; the companion book, Fire, stars a new cast in the same world.


[…] (yes, I’m disappointed too). Rouge is the French translation of Fire, her companion book to Graceling. Rouge meaning  red in French (not the best translation for fire imo but maybe it works). If you […]

[…] is a companion book to Graceling, taking place about 30 years earlier in a neighbouring country. If you are looking for Rouge by […]

H.L.Fatnassi says:

No new books in the works about Katsa and Po? It sounds like a fun read and if it’s somewhat akin to Tamora Pierce, I’ll be quite happy. Guess this will go on my ‘to read’ list. How do her other books hold up?

roguelibrarian says:

So far no, Graceling and Fire are her only books at the moment though a new book called Bitterblue is in the works and only Graceling is about Katsa and Po. I really do think you will like it though, very much like Tamora Pierce. Fire has a different feel because Fire herlsef is a very different kind of character but it is also a very enjoyable book.

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